Children between the ages 3-6 are in what we know from Dr. Montessori as, sensitive period. This is the period where children’s minds are like a sponge, they can absorb a massive amount of knowledge so it can be utilized later on. This supplementary program aims to provide that support for children, whose parents are seeking for their child to achieve that extra mile.

Step into the world of learning with our CASA Half Day Program – an immersive experience that mirrors the operations and routines of a full-fledged kindergarten class. Tailored for your child’s growth and development, this program offers a comprehensive approach to academics and beyond.

Mimicking Real-World Kindergarten: Our CASA Half Day Program is designed to introduce your child to the routines and structure of a typical kindergarten class. From circle time to group activities, every aspect mirrors the organized yet exciting atmosphere of a kindergarten setting.

Academics in Focus: The heart of our program lies in its academic emphasis across the five key learning areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language, and Cultural Studies. Through carefully designed activities, your child will develop cognitive skills, critical thinking, and a strong foundation in each subject.

Aligned with International Standards: Rest assured that our CASA Half Day Program follows international educational standards, ensuring that your child’s learning journey is both comprehensive and globally relevant. This alignment prepares them not only for future academic challenges but also for a world of diverse perspectives.

Assessment for Continuous Growth: As part of our commitment to your child’s progress, assessment tools will be readily available. These evaluations allow you to track your child’s development and understand their strengths, giving you insights into how to support their learning journey effectively.

Unlocking Potential: Our CASA Half Day Program is more than just a learning experience; it’s a key that unlocks your child’s potential. Through structured yet joyful exploration, they will develop academic skills, social competence, and the confidence needed to thrive in kindergarten and beyond.

Join us in nurturing a love for learning and empowering your child with the tools to excel academically and emotionally. The CASA Half Day Program is a stepping stone towards a bright and promising educational future.

Our Casa Half-Day program (3-6 years old) is designed to have children participate 5 days a week as kindergartens do. It provides a foundational platform for children whether they are attending kindergarten elsewhere or not. MIMK highly recommends attending the program consistently as this provides the child with a sense of stability and also opportunities to practice their skills learn at MIMK.

CASA (3-6 Years)

Monday - Friday
8:30am - 11:45am