The Perspective

Monteca International Montessori Kindergarten’s (MIMK) mission is to empower children to nurture a sense of responsibility and independence towards life-long learnings within themselves. MIMK aims to inspire the newest members of the next generation to strike the perfect balance between innate curiosity, creativity and perseverance towards every-day life skills, communication skills, to embracing the thirst for knowledge.

MIMK carries out this mission through providing a nurturing and prepared environment for children; an environment where it allows children to be motivated by their pre-existing curiosity to solve problems that triggers critical thinking. The vision behind our teaching method is influenced by the pedagogy of Dr. Maria Montessori; the fundamental concept of hands-on experience is to provide children an opportunity “to do it themselves”, which aligns with our ideology of the MIMK program.

"Our name derived from an integration of various elements that are essential to our vision towards education"

as we are heavily influenced by the pedagogy developed by Dr. Maria Montessori

as Environment and how it can be Explored is one of the core concepts of our playschool

as we promote Communication between not only the child and our Directors/Directresses, but also with the parents as well to form a triangular relationship; and building the Confidence from within a child to be Creative

as our Montessori Activities will allow children to experience hands-on tasks that they may see every day in their lives to promote Active learning

The Monteca Approach

With these elements, we have coined the name Monteca as an integration of concepts for our playschool.

Monteca International Montessori Kindergarten (MIMK) serves children of ages 6 months to 3 years old in a playgroup setting; through the mixed age groups along with the parents being involved in their children’s learning, a sense of community can be built to establish a high standard of learning. The younger infants will explore and learn about their selves initially, and hone in towards skills such as Gross and Fine motor, familiarity with the concept of language and mathematics, exploring how their senses work and social interactions with others. Meanwhile the toddlers will be solidifying their place in society to become masterful with skills such as routine tasks, Grace and Courtesy, solid grasps towards the academics of languages and mathematics, and also how the world around them work and look like.

It is to our belief that the traditional methods of Dr. Montessori form a classic model of education that brings the most beneficial aspects of learning to a child; in addition, MIP aims to further enhance this traditional method through a blend of modern activities that still mimics the traditional values of the pedagogy. This can ensure that the child can learn traditional skills while absorbing the most recent knowledge that can become relevant to them as time goes on. Especially because that MIMK is located in a growing community in the city of Hong Kong, our curriculum is also modified in a way where it is more localized to the relevancy of the children.